Writing On The Wall

In Chapter Five of Standage’s Writing on the wall he explains “The Explosion of 1641.” Charles I (ruler from 1629-1640) ruled during the period called “Personal Rule” being he ruled without “recourse to Parliament.” What I found most interesting about this was the pamphlets printed from London’s presses. “Nowhere was this more apparent than in early 1642 in which both sides appealed to public opinion, thus recognizing its importance and increasing power.” (Standage. 93). I found this particularly interesting because its shows exactly the way the dispersal of news began and the great effect it had on society back then. People were concerned and wanted to be more aware of their environment whereas news must instantly grasp the audiences’ attention. We now dress our paper’s and websites with colors and advertisements that may interest our readers and if companies do not make these decisions carefully, it will effect the sales of their paper drastically in many cases. Also now-a-days just getting the name of your newspaper/magazine recognized if it isn’t already is a challenge

“Freedom of Press increased both the volume of titles and their variety. A range of new styles, voices, and uses for printed material emerged . . . In the subsequent decades the formal, Ciceronian style of prose writing gradually gave way to a more conversational, vernacular style.”(Standage, 95) I also found the unfolding of current journalist language to be interesting, language was much different in the 1600’s.  The language used in the news world now is mostly comprehensible for audiences now. Humans were restricted of many rights in the past hence the drastic change of news once the First Amendment was enforced. Reading a few breaking news articles from the past, even the typography was difficult to decipher so I was really impressed by the progression of language and appearance.

Also even though I never made the direct connection between Coffeehouses and news until reading Standage’s text, chapter six of the novel discuss the importance of coffee houses to news. “Whatever the topic, the main business of coffeehouses was the sharing and discussion of news and opinion in spoken, written and printed form; their patrons wanted to imbibe information as well as coffee and tobacco.” (Standage, 107). People of today use Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to have these discussions and share their knowledge however sadly now through technology.. Coffeehouses served/serve as a way to get a variety of news and also opinions.


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