Uncommon Grounds

I met with my friend Nicole from my freshman year here at SUNY Albany and her friend Marianne who just transferred here recently. We spoke on a few topics of my choice. We started to converse about the prison systems is in New York State. Nicole nor Marianne knew much about the topic but after explaining to them the effects of prison on a human being they agreed with me that we need to improve our prisons and establish better rights for convicts released from prison.

We also touched based on social media and how people portray themselves. Nicole and I agree that people’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are not accurate the portrayals of themselves but portrayals of who they want to be or who wish they were. Marianne did not exactly agree with this statement. She feels many people portray who they are it is just mostly the good parts being portrayed. Her thought compromised my opinion. I now consider the possibility that we give accurate descriptions of ourselves on our social networks but it may only be a PORTION of who we are.

Lastly we discussed the way women are objectified in society and what constitutes as “disrespecting yourself” and the media for women. Nicole and Marianne believe women should have the freedom to dress as they please without being judged. I understand the main point of their statement however I believe that there is a certain time and place for everything. We may not see it but Men are constantly judged for the way they dress as well. Not to say that woman shouldn’t wear what they want but Time and place matter. RESPECT YOURSELF!


Marianne Trifiletti- 21 years old AND Nicole Jamieson- 20 years old

I was actually extremely hesitant to complete this assignment.  I am not comfortable speaking to strangers and to speak on topics that were controversial made things awkward. I noticed the entire time we spoke that just because I was unfamiliar with Marianne I wanted her to agree with my views. I felt the need to have a connection with Marianne and what better way than to share common interests. Upon completing our conversation I realize even though we did not agree on everything I was able to make a connection with Marianne.


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  1. SaraRivest · October 27, 2014

    Hey- This post was interesting. I thought it was cool how your opinions changed a little after your conversation. Also the topics you discussed were really interesting too. I thought the double meaning behind the title was awesome!

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