You Need Facebook If You Want To Make Money . . .

Facebook can MAKE YOU in this world or BREAK YOU, so be careful when you decide to post that picture of you drinking coronas with your pals at 1 p.m. or that sexy picture in your bra and underwear in hopes for 100+ likes/follows. 56% of Americans 12 years old an up have a profile on a social networking site according to an article written by Jay Baer on the Convince and Convert Digital Marketing Advisors Website. Another article written by Anurag Mishra entitled Social Media at Work Really Matter? Social Media at Work Stats. Below is a table containing information on which social networks are most prominent from his article:

What Networks are “REQUIRED” for your job?

  • Network
  • Percentage
 LinkedIn  19.9%
 Facebook  19.7%
 Google apps that use Google +  19.5%
 Twitter  18.2%
 Other Opinion  12.7%
 Instagram  6%
 Pinterest  0%

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