You want me to pay for Google????

I support “Net Neutrality”, which is expected being the extreme leftist I am. Setting restrictions on the internet, something that has always been open to the public is preposterous. It will only restrict the public more. The internet is the one place where people can speak freely and be heard by a mass of people. It’s our way of sharing news, facts and opinions. We stay connected using the internet. According to the Federal Communications Commission website, “On December 23, 2010, the Commission released the Open Internet Order, which established high-level rules requiring transparency and prohibiting blocking and unreasonable discrimination to protect Internet openness.” But in January of this year this order was challenged.

People are extremely dependent on social media in this generation. It is the driving source for businesses and corporations. It increases sales and advocates for them. The internet is, in a way, a free laborer for the public. It’s unjust to restrict the public from something that is free for all, something that never required regulating. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” The public has already commented on this matter over 4 million times according to a message given by Obama. The public depends on the media hence the high level of interest in the topic. It’s important the public have this freedom otherwise it can completely stop America’s progression.
Changing the freedom of the internet will draw people away from it, making our people even less aware of current events, holding our public back from learning. After watching a video of President Obama speaking on the issue I agreed with his points. One point he made specifically was “The idea of Net Neutrality, has unleashed the power of the internet and given innovators the chance to thrive. Abandoning these principals would threaten to end the internet as we know it,” the internet cannot thrive without users and setting restrictions on the internet will not urge users to abide by rules but simply find other means to get what they need or survive without it. “That’s why I’m urging the Federal Communications Commission to do everything they can to protect net neutrality for everyone,” said Obama.


You Need Facebook If You Want To Make Money . . .

Facebook can MAKE YOU in this world or BREAK YOU, so be careful when you decide to post that picture of you drinking coronas with your pals at 1 p.m. or that sexy picture in your bra and underwear in hopes for 100+ likes/follows. 56% of Americans 12 years old an up have a profile on a social networking site according to an article written by Jay Baer on the Convince and Convert Digital Marketing Advisors Website. Another article written by Anurag Mishra entitled Social Media at Work Really Matter? Social Media at Work Stats. Below is a table containing information on which social networks are most prominent from his article:

What Networks are “REQUIRED” for your job?

  • Network
  • Percentage
 LinkedIn  19.9%
 Facebook  19.7%
 Google apps that use Google +  19.5%
 Twitter  18.2%
 Other Opinion  12.7%
 Instagram  6%
 Pinterest  0%

If They Can Gain Fame, Why Can’t You?

instagra b4

My Instagram in it’s early stages

I don’t know why it is so important for some of us to obtain a mass amount of followers and friends on social media networks. When I began my Instagram account one of my main objectives was assimilating many followers. In order to assure I reach my goal I promoted my Instagram using my Facebook account and texting my peers my account name so they can add me. After reaching a number of 1,000 followers I was comfortable with the amount and changed my focus to the amount of likes I received on my posts. I even inquired with those of my friends that receive many likes on their Instagram posts frequently how they do it. Each had different suggestions. My sister said it was more about what you post than any other aspect. She said you must satisfy the eyes of your viewers. She does not post frequently but when she does she always obtains over 50 likes. Most of her posts are personal but every once in a while she posts something all her followers can relate to. My former roommate suggested that it’s more about the time I publish my posts. If I post at a time when most of my viewers are on Instagram (the time of day my news feed is busiest) I will receive a mass amount of likes. I agree with both my sister and former roommate however I believe it is a combination of the two and according to articles written by Bubba, the Quality Logo Products mascot, and Kevan Lee. The blog post entitled “How Celebs Use Social Media for Self-Promotion and Charity (and How to Steal Their Tactics)” focuses on the steps celebrities take daily in social media to stay relevant in the media. Kevan Lee’s “The Art of Self- Promotion on the Media” focuses on tips and rules for promoting yourself on your social media networks.

Bubba notes “Most celebrities rapidly gain followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter because their fans want to stay updated on their lives, which means those celebs have plenty of opportunities to market to a captive audience” (Bubba). Celebrities do not even need much promoting when it comes to the becoming of a new social network account. The media promptly reports this information to the public encouraging them to follow/like/add the celebrity on their accounts.  Bubba also includes the benefits of social media on the lives of celebrities. Here’s an example:

“Another social media favorite (and pop star), Rihanna, used her Facebook page to engage fans in her 2011 album release; she leaked behind-the-scenes footage, song lyrics, and other Facebook-only fan information. During the release, she was performing on tour and was unable to promote the album traditionally (doing radio and TV appearances). Both of these strategies engaged fans to get them tons of publicity, followers, and album sales” (Bubba).

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

Social media serves as a strategy for celebrities to promote their businesses/brands. Believe it or not, many celebrities have attained their celebrity status from heavily promoting themselves on social media. For example, reality TV star Tila Tequila’s stardom began with MySpace. She began using MySpace to promote her music career and it took her a lot further then she expected. Within a year she was given her own reality game show entitled A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila in which a group of men and women battled each other for the prize of Tequila’s heart.

In Bubba’s article, he shares with us tips celebrities use for self-promotion; Provide exclusive value to your fans/followers, Do good with the influence you have and Involve and reward your biggest supporters. “Providing exclusive value to your fans/followers” simply means to get your viewers to pay attention to your posts by posting what interests them. “Doing good with the influence you have” means support a positive cause when you post. Viewers won’t take kindly to your negativity. Lastly “involving and rewarding your biggest supporters” means don’t be rude. Comment back on responses from viewers who frequently view your posts. Be positive!

Lee explains that there are many perks to self-promotion especially within social media despite the negative reputation Self-Promotion has.  “Self-promotion can be a good thing if your content is outstandingly useful and always adds value. This is how we think of our social sharing at Buffer. If we share the best content we have and do so in a helpful, actionable, high-utility way, we believe we are doing right by our audience.” Lee names a number of different ways to efficiently promote self/business/brand. The first rule he gives us is the 5- 3-2 rule. This rule suggests that for maximum promotion exposure results of the posts you publish, 5 should be content from others, 3 should be content from you and 2 should be personal status updates.

Lee also stresses the importance of engaging your audience towards the end of his article. “Sharing content is a broadcast; engaging the community is a conversation. We’ve found that having both parts to our social presence makes self-promotion all the more powerful. We can share our own content, and our followers know we are still there listening, replying, and engaging.” He goes further in the example he provides describing how replies benefit the act of self-promoting. It is important to receive feedback on posts because it lets you know that people are reading your stuff and in turn it is important you respond to posts on your news feed to let your audience know you are also reading their posts. Be Active!

Sheneka Adams, model, actress, writer and philanthropist, is a Facebook friend of mine. She has been seen on the covers of King magazine, in the hit television series The Game and generously donates to charities in her hometown Athens, GA. Adams is also an entrepreneur and sells a selection of hair extensions, hair products and clothing on her website Adams frequently updates her social media accounts keeping her fans updated with information about new projects she has planned and words of advice for her viewers. She also frequently uses her account to alert her fans/customers of any new deals or items her website may offer.

Sheneka Adam's Instagram

Sheneka Adam’s Instagram

When I first added Adams to my account she did not have too many Facebook friends or even received heaps of adoration at that time. I find her account to be especially interesting because I was able to watch her grow into the underground celebrity she is now. Every time a new social network came to light, Adams had an account and used all her other social media accounts to promote her new account. I witnessed Sheneka has had a few cases in which people have made fake account pretending to be her. This was helpful for adding to her relevance in the media but potentially harmful for her reputation depending on the information these fake accounts post. Adams also uses her social media sites to promote others. She is constantly making posts encouraging people to shop in a variety of places for different things. Being that Adams is also a writer, she uses the media to display this talent. She has a blog entitled SimplySheneka on WordPress in which Facebook is used to promote this account. Her blog is directed towards women who may be struggling and in need of advice. Her blog is not a popular as her other social media sites but it does receive a lot of recognition.

My Current Instagram

My Current Instagram

Hence, social media holds great importance in the business world and honestly has the potential to be a career in itself if used properly. The blog post entitled “How Celebs Use Social Media for Self-Promotion and Charity (and How to Steal Their Tactics)” and Kevan Lee’s “The Art of Self- Promotion on the Media” display strategies effective for relevant celebrities to stay relevant in the media and how the average can become relevant to media. I began my Instagram journey struggling to gain followers and currently I am sitting at 1,575 followers and I can honestly thank a few of the tips shared in these articles.

What I Read . . .

I agree with Handler on this topic . Although personally I would never choose to expose my body on a social network, if men have the ability to do it then why aren’t women granted the same rights? I feel Instagram restricts its users to a lot as far as posts and what constitutes as inappropriate. I do not feel Handler was at all irrational in her decision, in fact I would have taken the same next step she did and delete my Instagram account. I feel especially strong about this because social media claims female nudity is prohibited to “protect” children when in fact it is subconsciously instilling in them male/female standards. Men should be forced to follow the same guidelines women are on these networks or women should be allowed the same freedom men are given.