Love in College Vol. II


“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” or is it a myth? Many believe long distance relationships just do not work however, according to a social science study examining relationships, long-distance relationships have been proven to be longer lasting and more solid  than couples living with one another or in the same area.


According to an article written by Melissa Dahl for NBC News’ Health section, Crystal Jiang, an assistant professor of communication at City University of Hong Kong, conducted an experiment resulting in the discovery that people in long-distance relationships are more emotionally allied with their significant other than people in close range of their “other half.”


 America has change drastically as far as the “traditional” relationship between lovers. Today, 3,000,000 Americans live separately from their wives/husbands and this number does not include divorce according to Jiang’s study.  50 percent of college students were in long distance relationships in year 2005 according to Dahl and the amount continues to increase.


Adriane Rogers and Gregory Pierre, both Juniors in college, are in relationships. Adriane lives approximately 1,846 miles away from her boyfriend and has been with him for two years now. She admits that the distance between them is extremely tough especially during school semesters but well worth it every time they see each other. Pierre, a firm believer that relationships only work  when the couple can see each other as much as they please, has been in a relationship with girlfriend for five months. He says its going well, “we argue, but we both know the last person we want to lay beside every night is each other.” The video included below stars three college students two of which are Adriane Rogers and Gregory Pierre.