You want me to pay for Google????

I support “Net Neutrality”, which is expected being the extreme leftist I am. Setting restrictions on the internet, something that has always been open to the public is preposterous. It will only restrict the public more. The internet is the one place where people can speak freely and be heard by a mass of people. It’s our way of sharing news, facts and opinions. We stay connected using the internet. According to the Federal Communications Commission website, “On December 23, 2010, the Commission released the Open Internet Order, which established high-level rules requiring transparency and prohibiting blocking and unreasonable discrimination to protect Internet openness.” But in January of this year this order was challenged.

People are extremely dependent on social media in this generation. It is the driving source for businesses and corporations. It increases sales and advocates for them. The internet is, in a way, a free laborer for the public. It’s unjust to restrict the public from something that is free for all, something that never required regulating. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” The public has already commented on this matter over 4 million times according to a message given by Obama. The public depends on the media hence the high level of interest in the topic. It’s important the public have this freedom otherwise it can completely stop America’s progression.
Changing the freedom of the internet will draw people away from it, making our people even less aware of current events, holding our public back from learning. After watching a video of President Obama speaking on the issue I agreed with his points. One point he made specifically was “The idea of Net Neutrality, has unleashed the power of the internet and given innovators the chance to thrive. Abandoning these principals would threaten to end the internet as we know it,” the internet cannot thrive without users and setting restrictions on the internet will not urge users to abide by rules but simply find other means to get what they need or survive without it. “That’s why I’m urging the Federal Communications Commission to do everything they can to protect net neutrality for everyone,” said Obama.


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