PEOPLE for the People . . .

My Company: People Magazine

Instagram:  529,781 Followers

Facebook:   4,614,918 Likers

Youtube:  68,598 Subscribers

Twitter: 5.69M Followers

The layout of my company’s website makes everything easily accessible for our large audience. We include tabs labeled by different interests and beneath those tabs we include pictures, text and links to breaking stories (in which all have captions stating the point of the article) on our website that day. Also the bright yet simple colors we use on our website attract viewers.Also at the very top of the screen our website links to other popular magazine websites such as In Style magazine and Entertainment Weekly. Aside from the content on our site, incorporating videos, links to other site and including navigation links straight to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter makes readers revisit the site.

dnCompetitor 1: VH1

Instagram:  –  273,341 Followers

Facebook: 6,239,502 likers

Youtube:  95,622 Subscribers

Twitter: 1.12 M Followers

The dark colors (purple and black) of this website really takes away from it’s creativity. When I first entered this website my first thoughts were “boring.” The bulky text font and the very large slideshow on the homepage of the website make the site look empty when you reach the home page. The fact that there is no tab menu but instead a drop down menu only visible after clicking the designated area on the screen, could draw an audience away. People prefer simplicity especially older viewers who aren’t quite fluent with technology.

Competitor 2: TMZ

Instagram: 156,539 Followers

Youtube: 1,152,149 Subscriberstmz1

Facebook:  4,699,048 Likers

Twitter: 2.83M Followers​

This website has a good idea. The tab menu works for attracting audiences however, each story link posted on the homepage including an image is either entirely too large or too small and descriptions with these images were also rather long. Also the length of the homepage is entirely too long. Another downfall of this website’s layout is the colors. Black, red and white are really boring colors especially when the majority of the website’s color is white. Also this website has way too much advertising.


One comment

  1. lamyaz94 · September 21, 2014

    Hey Monique!

    I liked your post. I think the content was very informative. Your writing style is simple so it was easy to read. A table or graph would’ve been helpful, but the information was there regardless. I would just include a graph, maybe make the images a bit bigger and let the text wrap around them, I would also say what your company could do better now that you’ve compared it to two other companies.

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