STOP Watching Me !!!

I found this assignment to be quite entertaining and a little frightening. I never realized how much information I trust the internet with. “As it turns out, one of the most common “keys” for identifying particular people is your birthday. The number of John Smiths who share your birthday is far smaller — often there’s just one. So, keep your birthday to yourself when you can. Take it off your Facebook profile — or even just take off the year, which makes it much less useful. Revealing it rarely results in better services, but for data miners, it’s gold.” For instance, I never considered the reasons why I should not have my birth date listed on my social media sites and after being informed about the filter bubble I immediately took any information I would not want everyone to see off of my sites. I also found it shocking how hidden these tools to protect your own information are. If i did not have instructions for every step I took in the process of erasing my web history, I doubt I would have succeeded. I made an attempt to take every step however steps such as Step 7- going anonymous and using a website such as and I did not find very useful at the moment however it is nice that I know about them for the future.


Using Mozilla’s Lightbeam add on was a slight challenge for me.  It took me a little while to understand the diagram however when I finally did get a good glimpse at what I was looking at the results were shocking. I had visited only 11 websites and on each of them I made no interaction with anyone. I did not even so much as post a new post on a social media website however I managed to connect with 242 third parties!


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  1. gaygod1990 · October 12, 2014

    Cool take on the personal information shared over the internet and how it relates to someone’s birthday. I actually never knew that something that simple can really open up someone’s information online whether they know it or not. Amazing too how it seems like we all visited only between seven and twelve different sites yet we were all being watched by anywhere from 132 to 242 third parties. I liked how you capitalized STOP in your titleto give it emphasis and supplemented your post with the Eli Pariser video too. Good work with your blog.

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