F–k it, I Quit

I I read an article based on Charlo Greene’s resignation from her job as a news reporter in Alaska. She is the owner of the Alaskan Cannibis Club which is a group of advocates supporting the recreational use of marijuana justified by the rights of freedom and equality in the United States. As Greene  reported about a ballot measure for the decriminalization of marijuana in Alaska, she made an exit from her job that will never be forgotten. “[I] will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska, And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice, but f––– it, I quit,” and then she walked off the set.
 I found this article on the People Magazine website. I think it was successful because it was simple, a good length, straight-forward and detailed. It included dialogue, links, even footage of the newscast in which Greene quit. The next step for People Magazine would be to do a follow up story on Greene.  Below the article, People Magazine already has a link asking viewers to sign up for more stories related to this article. And below this link is a bunch of links to other article published on the site.
I  thought Greene’s actions were extremely brave. I commend her efforts for fighting for what she believes in however, I hope she has a back up plan as far as finances because finding a job in the journalism field may not be possible after this occurrence. Her reputation as a credible reporter is ruined because she left her job to advocate what is currently illegal and disapproved of in Alaska.

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  1. SaraRivest · September 28, 2014

    Hey Monique! Your title for this post really made me want to read it. It’s definitely a powerful way to start of your piece. I like that you embedded the video at the very top so that your readers can easily access it. I think you did a great job the only thing I would say is maybe only make a portion of the text a link instead of the whole thing. Good job!

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