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Approximately 11.5 years ago I received this as a gift from my parents. I was one of the first students in my entire school to own a cellphone. In fact there were still many teachers who still did not own cellphones themselves.  When I look back on the functions of this phone and compare it to my iPhone 5 I purchased about a year ago, the quality of this phone would rate well below 5 in my opinion. I mostly remember using my virgin mobile device to download ringtones, play games and to reach my parents.


Comparing the abilities of my iPhone and my first cell phone ever, my virgin mobile phone would be nearly useless for me now. I use my iPhone to do nearly everything. I check emails, send emails, pay bills, shop, read documents, send text messages/ photographs/ videos, use social media apps, play games, I’ve even completed written assignments from my phone. My phone also serves as my alarm clock, appointment book, schedule, flashlight and calculator.


It’s quite stunning that just 11 years ago my cell phone had three main purposes and now my cell phone possesses more features than I can name.



  1. aaroncheris · September 3, 2014

    Although your blog entry is quite short, you get right to the point. I remember having one of those phones similar to the top photo you posted. For the blog, I’d recommend making it a little longer, with more photos/videos/links to engage the reader more. It was as if as soon as I started reading, it was over.

  2. zhorwitz26 · September 3, 2014

    I like the the point about the evolution of the phone and what we can do with it now that we could not before. A little more multimedia and it would be complete.

  3. kevinleibach · September 3, 2014

    Good thinking. It’s really amazing to see how many things our phones can do today. I liked the pictures and how you remember the only three things you ever used your phone for 11 and a half years ago. The only thing I would work on would be to add more text to the post, just another two or three paragraphs. Also, have the text wrap around the pictures so there isn’t those big white spaces. But overall, good job!

  4. era.b · September 3, 2014

    Hi Monique. Nice topic. I’d recommend adding some links and choosing more “eye-catching” photos but I like the writing. You make some good points. You’re right – smartphones are amazing!

  5. caitlintaylorwalsh · September 4, 2014

    Hi Monique,

    Isn’t it crazy how cellphones have changed! Next week the new iPhone is going to be released and I am excited to see what new features it will have. I would add more links next time and wrap the text around the pictures. Do not forget to add credit to the photos if they are not yours.


  6. dianaisaacson · September 4, 2014

    I really enjoyed the idea of comparing your very first phone and your current phone. I’ll never forget my first phone either! My only suggestion would be to add a link or two.

  7. SaraRivest · September 5, 2014

    Hi Monique! First of all I have to tell you Like Crazy is seriously one of my favorite movies EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much, so I was super excited to see that was your picture at the top of your blog! I think you did a really nice job with your post. I liked how you included the old cell phone pictures. It was a cool topic to pick!

  8. John Dorn · September 5, 2014

    Hey Monique, this was concise and told a story that I’m sure we can all relate to. My first phone was a Nokia that couldn’t even play ringtones—just single beeps at a time. I think to make this better you could center that photo on top and wrap text around the iPhone pic, but that’s just my personal preference. Good work!

  9. celiabalf · September 6, 2014

    I love the picture of your cellphone from 11 years ago, without you even saying anything I know what the post is going to be about. I think your post would benefit from some links to add things for your reader to do while scanning through your post. Also, maybe a video of different ringtones used now, verses the maybe only two standard ones the first cellphones had. Great work overall!

  10. bsandberg93 · September 6, 2014


    I agree that phones have totally changed over the years. I remember using the internet on my flip phone and waiting several minutes to get information. Now with smartphones, everything is accessible within seconds. Maybe adding video content would help your post too.

  11. nysportsnow · September 6, 2014

    Hey Monique, great post on the transformation of cell phones and how it has impacted your daily life. I remember my first phone, and I used it pretty much the same way that you did and that was about 6 years ago. When you actually analyze it, it’s amazing at how much we really do with our smart phones and what a huge impact it has on our daily lives. One thing that would’ve been nice to see in this post was an embedded link to another article, survey,or website that shows how cell phone usage effects the daily lives of others just go give some outside perspective. Either way, I liked it!

  12. Samantha Dobies · September 6, 2014

    Hi Monique! I liked how you compared the functions of your two cellphones. However, I would have liked to have seen more hyperlinks and have the images wrapped around the text as well!

  13. lamyaz94 · September 6, 2014

    Hey Monique. I really liked your story because you tell us how you feel about it. You give examples on how the iPhone is actually helpful. I would just add some links to similar articles.

  14. agroupp · September 7, 2014

    hi Monique,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. you raised a good topic of discussion, I did think it could have been a bit longer with some links and quotes from other people. I also think you could have said a little more about the digital era and iPhone instead of just the differences in technology between your old and new phone. good job.

  15. gaygod1990 · September 7, 2014

    Yes, albeit a short blog post, it was still very direct. The cell phone comparison you made was uncanny! I too remember the solid cell phones, which came before the flip cell phones, and those were the only three purposes of it then for me too. But now it has endless possibilities. The photos you used made their point very direct as well so you needed no other photos.
    Even though I do not view it as a hindrance, you may want to further lengthen your blogs just a bit more; about a paragraph or so.

  16. mikeburke09 · September 7, 2014

    I really like the layout of your page. The picture of the old school Virgin Mobile phone is awesome. I’m pretty sure that was my first phone. The topic is also a good one. I would suggest maybe using links or videos to supplement your writing. It could also be a little longer.

  17. wrm323 · September 7, 2014

    Cell phones, our generations crack! great post, you had made some good points. 2003 was very early for your first cellphone, im sure your pupils (and teachers) were very jealous!

  18. RiD · September 7, 2014

    The first picture of the old phone made me really laugh. I like that your post is short, straight to the point. I would wrap the words around the pictures next time to break the space.

  19. Pareese Hankerson · September 7, 2014

    I think the change in cellphones has to be one of the biggest changes we as a world have gone through. I thought you mentioned a very good point about all the different uses we have for our phone. I think next you could make the article a little longer and include outside links.

  20. kmplaske · September 7, 2014

    Monique, Nice post, but too short. I’d like to hear more on this. Other than the post length, check out free WordPress themes to customize the look of your page. Larger images might be useful as well. Good job.

  21. goldenxo · September 8, 2014

    Your content is great. The only suggestion that I have is for you to either make the images larger, or place them in a way so that they can be within the text.

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