What I Read . . .

isisThis week I read quite a shocking article about ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and a threat they made to twitter’s employees and CEO Dick Costolo. Apparently, terrorists had been using the site to communicate messages and the company removed their content due to regulation restrictions. This act by twitter lead to the fearing of life for many employees.


CEO Dick Costolo; Courtesy of media02.hongkiat.com

The relationships the United States holds internationally have clearly been taking a turn for the worst and to be directly targeted is quite frightening especially for CEO Dick Costolo. One of the messages that twitter employees removed from the site was the beheading of Journalist James Foley, obviously a gruesome image to envision. This article has proven how unsafe these social media websites are and while they may help in a variety of different ways, in many ways they can be rather dangerous.

In relation to the assignment I completed this week I see why it is especially important to pay close attention to the information your disperse about yourself or anyone else for that matter on the internet. The employees of the Twitter corporation were simply doing their job and following the rules and regulations they have set in place for users. This threat was unexpected and certainly undeserved.


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