My Week Being a Conservative . . .


What I’ve noticed from this assignment was that the largest percentage of my Facebook friends are either not very interested in politics or ignored my post. I was actually expecting some response to my unusual behavior on the site especially being I am a very strong-willed person and my friends know that I will FIGHT for what I believe. I re-posted pictures and articles posted from Ted Cruz’s, junior United States Senator, Facebook fan page and I did not receive so much as a like on any post.

After reading, I agreed most with Eytan Bakshy’s article Rethinking Information Diversity in Networks especially the portion written based on The Collective Influence of Weak Ties. Every Idea is derived from somewhere and most times our source for a post were posted on Facebook or Instagram were not originated by those we have strong ties with through social media.

Courtesy of Eytan Bakshy

Courtesy of Eytan Bakshy

IMG_3173[1] What I did learn from this assignment was that all my ideas do not differ from the thoughts of conservatives.  Instead of simply ignoring the post as they showed up on my feed because they did not interest me, I read them. I agreed with many of the points made in this article and as embarrassing as this sounds, I had no prior knowledge of this policy. I am a leftist however I stand for whats right, I won’t simply support my party if they aren’t deserving of it.I also learned that politicians depend greatly on social media to disperse news. Because the old fashioned ways of gathering news such as newspaper and television are dying out in this generation, politicians set their focus on their social media sites where it will potentially receive the most exposure.

I don’t believe I will continue to follow the specific politicians I chose to follow but I do plan to explore the ideas of the conservative politicians in this country. I also followed a couple of women conservatives. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. If anyone knows me, they know I am definitely not a fan of Sarah Palin. And even after completing this assignment she is the first person I want to get rid of. However even considering her posts that I do not agree with I kept an open-mind and instead of bashing her for her ideas I realized that my ideas will not always be agreed upon.

IMG_3229[1]This assignment encouraged me to broaden my knowledge on different topics and, even though I thought it was impossible, have a more open-mind.


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