What I Read

Molly Wood, a reporter for the NY Times wrote an article based on social network news feeds. I found this article to be really interesting.  I did not realize just how much these social networks have changed over the years and I also had to paid much attention to the importance of the news feed (mainly because I focus most of my attention on my profile). In high school I was an extremely active twitter user and actually observing the new abilities and overall appearance has change drastically in such short time. Facebook was founded in 2004 however “the feed was introduced in 2006”. Facebook has changed a great deal since then. Every thing is easily accessible from your news feed now. You can view posts from friends, comments being posted on the side, chat conversations and more on the same screen. The designers of this website have to assure that it caters to people of all ages as well hence the importance of the news feed. The appearance must be inviting and user-friendly to gain more users.

twitter 1

I do agree that Twitter’s template is starting to look very similar to Facebook. Although I love the simplicity of the Facebook news feed, I do not like that twitter limits it’s users to just a few sentences per post. I understand that the purpose of twitter is to create short post but I believe viewers should be given the options to write a little more if they want. And even with Twitter’s advances, Facebook still trumps Twitter because of the filters the news feed allows (top stories and most recent). facebook_news_feed_2012


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