The Peterson Abuse Charge

adI found this issue to be quite appalling. One, the beating Peterson gave to his son was quite brutal.There are articles where Peterson admits he feels guilty for hitting his child on his genitals. Two, Peterson feels his actions are justified. He defends himself with the idea that the crime he committed was child discipline.

Another intriguing fact about this case is in comparison to Rice’s case, the NFL did not take the same precautions although I think they should have. Peterson abused a child only four-years-old leaving horrific scars and he still has the opportunity to excel as a football player. Although both acts of violence, ¬†honestly believe Peterson’s crime was worse than Rice’s. Simply because there is nothing a four-year-old could do to deserve such a horrible beating. I also feel there was nothing Palmer, Rice’s wife, could have done to deserve that strike in the face however, Palmer is an adult with a fully developed brain and sense of right and wrong.ray-rice-janay-palmer

But When Needed . . .


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