I’m Just Not Into It . . .

Shakiya Peters

31 years old

Hometown: Queens, NY


Shakiya Peters is a young mother of four children living in the Troy region. She has a very busy schedule working nights at a psychiatric center and during the day taking care of a three year old boy,  six year old girl, ten year old girl, and 11 year old boy. “I don’t use any social networks mainly because I do not have the time too. I am a mother of four children, all under 12 years of age, I’m lucky if I get the chance to eat three times a day let alone snap a pic for Facebook.”

Peters stressed that at one point she did try Facebook. She kept her page activated for about three weeks. But the longer she had her account she disliked using it. “I felt like Facebook was not benefiting me. I usually don’t take pictures an that’s a huge part of Facebook from what I see. I was never able to take a picture I actually felt confident posting.” She also complained about the complexity of the Facebook website. “I always needed help doing things. Checking messages, posting statuses, and my memory is really bad. I found it irritating asking for help practically every time I used Facebook.” Peters also has made email accounts that are no longer active. “I’ve had many different email accounts strictly for school and work purposes. However, Each and every account I made I’ve completely forgotten the login information.

Shanta Corley

50 year old

Hometown: Troy, NY

Shanta Corley- Facebook Profile Picture

Shanta Corley- Facebook Profile Picture

Shanta Corley is a 50 year old Troy resident. She moved to Troy from Queens,NY approximately 15 years ago. She is living here without much family being her parents just recently moved to the south this summer. Corley is a dedicated Facebook user. “I use Facebook daily to check up on my family and friends. I also use Facebook for inspiration through prayer groups. I love posting pictures of myself and getting feedback too. I get to show everyone how well I’m doing since I’m furthest away from my family.” The rest of her family still resides in Queens, NY. She does have a brother living upstate as well.

Facebook is the only website Corley uses on a regular basis. “Facebook is the only social network I use consistently. I use google pretty often to search things but sites like youtube, I find I only use when I’m asked to. And that’s not often.” She is not very good with using new technology and so most of the time she stays away from it.

Sharon Stevens

51 years old

Hometown: Delmar, NY

Sharon Stevens- Facebook Profile Picture

Sharon Stevens- Facebook Profile Picture

Sharon Stevens is the Director for the Community and Public Service Program at U Albany. She lives in Delmar, NY with her teenage son. She is very much tech-savvy compared to others in the 50 and older age bracket. Being the director of the CPSP also inclines to be good with technology. Stevens does use social media and frequently.  “I use Facebook daily for friend/family updates and inspiration. Another site I use daily is Google for important emails. I also use YouTube about two or three times a week usually due to my son showing me videos or a “How-to” video I search for myself.”

Stevens is also associated with a couple of other social medis sites however, she uses them for business related purposes. “Linkedin, WordPress and YouTube I use less frequently. I use Linkedin and WordPress weekly for professional contacts and work postings.”


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