Cut For The Punch

Ray Rice was a Running Back for the Baltimore Ravens. He was drafted into the NFL from Rutgers college in 2008 .New Rochelle, NY. Rice signed a 5 year contract with the Ravens in 2012 but due to a domestic violence altercation Rice may never play Rice-Ice-Baby-Mitch-Stringer-USA-TODAY-Sportsprofessional football again.

The Baltimore Ravens’ Former Running Back Ray Rice was cut from the team today indefinitely for a video displaying Rice partaking in domestic violence. Recently married  Ray Rice and Janay Palmer were recorded in an elevator where Rice strikes Palmer in the face twice leaving her unconscious. Rice then drags her body out of the elevator and lies her face down on the ground. The incident not only largely concerned and disturbed fans and public, but also largely impacted fellow football players and coaches. One month after the attack, Feb. 15th, the couple was married.

The incident brought forth much attention and judgment.  John Harbaugh, the Ravens coach, and officials immediately released Rice after viewing the video footage. However, on March 28 Rice and Palmer were pronounced husband and wife only one day after Rice’s indictment. As punishment for his crime, Rice is expected to complete a pretrial diversionary program as opposed to serving a prison sentence.





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