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Monique Hampton

My daily routine begins with me rolling over and usually checking my phone for the time. If it is not yet time for me to begin my day I check my emails for important emails from school or work and then my Facebook and Instagram feeds for any new notifications. I used twitter and Tumblr for a short time in high school however I did not find them to be user-friendly so I got rid of them both. I had to get a twitter account again last year for another journalism class and that is the only reason I currently have one now. If I have no new messages I usually get out of bed and either use the music library on my phone to play music or tune in to either the news or a morning talk show. I look at my schedule to ensure I’ve properly prepared myself for my day ahead and then peak outside to see how I should dress according to the weather.

After showering and dressing, I head to work. This year marks my third year as a receptionist for the Community and Public Service Program office. When I arrive I first login to the system and check the blackboard websites for any assignments that may need grading. Then I move on to new registrations and when that is complete I file all the documents I entered. I repeat this cycle pretty much for the remainder of my time at work unless my supervisors assign me a different duty such as phone calls or running errands. This year I have the privilege of participating in the production of a newsletter which is really exciting. So there’s a little more researching this semester than there has been in the past.

After work is done I go to class, 97 percent of the time to discuss what he had been assigned to read the night before. I read for class at least2-3 hours every night in preparation for class/work/internship. After all the very important things of the day are complete I end my day by sitting down to enjoy a meal of just listening to music and use the news apps I downloaded to my phone to read my horoscope.


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