Love In College

Love according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is the attraction that includes sexual desire or the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.  But, what about love in college??


Relationships in college differ in many different ways; race, gender, distance and more. Austin Youssef and Nicole Jamieson, juniors at the University at Albany, have been in an intimate relationship with each other for over two years now.

IMG_6566 - Copy

Austin Youssef and Nicole Jamieson relaxing on campus Monday afternoon.

The two are extremely happy in their relationship and feel that love on a college campus differs from love at home. Jamieson argued that the level of independence and freedom students are given in school allows them privacy, important to have in a relationship.

IMG_6554 - Copy

Distance in college can either be extremely difficult or relatively enjoyable for students in relationships during college. Every summer Youssef and Jamieson are separated due to the closing of the spring semester. She returns to her home and family in Rockland County and he returns to Astoria, Queens. Jamieson admitted that the distance for the two months they are apart is tough. They tend to argue more during that period and the longing for each other is nearly unbearable.


Nicole and Austin spend their summers 33 miles apart.

Youssef and Jamieson are happy and very much in love. Unfortunately in just a few short weeks they will be parting ways once again for the summer.

IMG_6571 - Copy




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