Project Proposal

In my project I want to depict all different kinds of love relationships. I want to display the similarities and differences in relationships between lovers on a college campus. After watching a web show based on lesbian love, their relationships of course differed from heterosexual relationships but also share many similarities. I also want to focus on what is acceptable for students in relationships and what is not? How do the relationships compare and contrast if one couple is long distance and the other are next door neighbors? Do children affect the relationship? Does marriage strengthen it? What does it mean to be in love in college?


I believe it is a matter of interest as far as an audience for my project. Luckily majority of college students experience at least one relationship during their stay. If possible I would like to break my project into “stages of a college relationship.” And within these stages depict each kind of relationship in each stages to show the similarities and differences of the three kind.


Photographs of students in relationships will be incorporated into my piece display college relationships on campus.


I plan to interview students on campus about their past and presents relationships in college. What is their opinion on the homosexual community and being in relationships? Why their past relationships in school have failed and for the ones that worked out, what made it work? I also plan to ask faculty/ staff their opinions on relationships on campus grounds and how things have changed from their experiences with love in college to now.

Links & Videos


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